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Talent strategy

Talent is the primary factor in the enterprise development: with promising work space to attract talent; To continue the training and development of talents; At a competitive salary reward talent.

"Vantone" by its unique corporate culture, for the growth of talent to create a good environment and career development space. Companies in talent recruitment, selection, training, motivation, evaluation, etc., constantly blaze new trails, to construct talent highland, gradually established a scientific human resources management system. As long as you are talented, as long as their feet on the actual work, you may become a company of reuse talent, the company has formed the respect knowledge, respect talented person, the good atmosphere of fair competition, companies are held every year in various skills contest and job competition, make each have the ability, ambition, enterprising employees have the opportunity to talent, realize their own ideals.

Talented person's basic quality and ability in a certain extent determines the enterprise competition ability and development ability, so the company special emphasis on the training of personnel, the company has a professional trainer team to conduct regular training, at the same time the company also and domestic well-known school and professional training institutions, through the way of combining the internal training and external training, from the basic quality of staff to professional skills and so on various aspects of the comprehensive training, make the whole of the staff quality and skill level has larger ascension, team cooperation ability is greatly increased, for enterprise long-term stable development laid a good foundation.

Companies to establish and perfect a complete performance management system and the system of rewards and punishments, maintain a healthy enterprise culture. Through performance evaluation, evaluation of employee's performance effectively, make employees understand their job performance and obtain the relationship between wages and benefits, thus obtaining work motivation. Grasping the employee's work ability, work attitude and work performance, at the same time of developing human resources, seek employee promotion, transfer, rewards and punishment of reasonable and fair, so as to improve the company's incentive system, optimize personnel structure, realize the development strategy of the company. According to the comprehensive performance of employees, named "star of month career" and "pro star of the year," give corresponding spirit and material reward, to the star of "professional" bonuses, medal, flower blue, organized professional star of the year and family travel, let each staff feel the warmth of the family company, let employees, for families as "vantone" pride and glory.

The company is committed to build the professional talents and professional team, emphasizes the team cooperation, we firmly believe that the team's strength is infinite, so long as we united, unity, wantong tomorrow will be more brilliant.

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