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Recruitment information:

1, you can choose to mail, Email or just the way to send a resume, requirements must indicate applied position, educational background, work xperience and contact;

2, we will within 7 working days upon receipt of your resume for a preliminary screening, qualified candidates will be further notice, will automatically be transferred to other resume company talent pool, and strictly confidential and will not be returned. 

3, if you are lucky enough to be notified, please strictly in accordance with the contract time and place to attend company organization of written xamination and interview; 

4, interview please bring id card, education certificate, professional qualification certificates related to the original; We will reply within 7 working days after the interview if you are hired, such as are hired, please according to the agreed time report to the company on time. 

Recruitment process: 

Recruitment process

 Recruitment information: 











Record of formal schooling



Professional and technical requirements












Bachelor degree or above



Accounting professional, skilled
  application of financial software, familiar with finance business and tax
  process, related accounting qualification certificate, assistant accountant
  or above title and has more than three years working experience is preferred.













College degree or above



Marketing related field, fluent in
  mandarin, with strong ability of language expression and communication and
  coordination ability, work experience is preferred.



Technical personnel









Bachelor degree or above



Mechanical processing design, mechanical
  knowledge chart and other relevant professional, skilled application of CAD
  and other drawing software and office software, familiar with mechanical
  processing often use utensils, engaged in the hydraulic oil cylinder designer
  is preferred.




Mechanical processing personnel









Junior high school above



Serious and responsible work, a strong
  sense of responsibility, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the
  arrangement, mechanical processing and other related majors and work
  experience is preferred.


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